Through a tear in her stockings smooth ivory skin feels the chill of a fresh winters night, she sits restlessly beneath towering trees and looks upwards past the flittering silhouette of leaves. Moonlight snares and soaks the curve of her neck. She ponders his where abouts as her blue gaze floats into the starry eyed night.

A flame spits out of the darkness it ducks and weaves past pine trees,
the tip of the flame cracks as it whips back into the eerie glow of moonlight sifting through the forest. It leaves nothing but a trail of smoke and the trembling boys cigarette lit.


Cosmo 2006


Inspiration overshadow

He had a tasteful sense of beauty, a visually descriptive and appreciative style of speaking.


Suburban sprawl


Comfort if anything

So fragile, so thin
a smile to my face is what she would bring.
Alone she found comfort if anything.

Now I see the path
I see the friends
I see how blissful she will be when it comes to the end.

We are the circus, clowns, contortionists,
dancing, spinning, twirls,
boys and girls.

We are the circus, clowns, contortionists
So fragile and so thin,
alone she found comfort if anything.


Stroll along youth

Let me tell you about a day I once had.
I didn't go to work I just didn't show up,
I walked around sat around all around on the ground.

I didn't have any money apart from the one's that I owed.
I walked under a tree, I stared at my shadow and what I could be, my shadow was black and had no depth a helicopter soared over like a imposing death.

In the college courtyard I sat and wrote of all my self doubt and that glimmer of hope, my life is so vein i thought, all I feel is my ego's pain I want to wash my face off and sit my soul in the rain.

I walked and walked some more to a place that doesn't exist, there I stopped to sit and stare and came to the conclusion that I must persist.


The black cockatoos soar under the morning sun
this bus it runs.
After such a drunken-mess and such cloudy-ness
I am now amazed at the clarity.

Sitting here simply being thy witness
nothing more and nothing less sitting, watching, waiting
being thy witness.


Mother dear

Youth stroll

K but not O.K

Without a beginning there cannot be an end,
without an end there cannot be a beginning.
Love for Eternity.