A lust for life can never be sufficed without the conscious effort of the individual. One should feel obliged to hunt and cultivate wanderlust of the mind. To feed on inspiration, to quench their thirst with inspiration and without remorse hunt it. It is everywhere and in everything. One must strive for infinite creation, for one is, and will always be, an infinite creation.

At such a ripe age, it is not healthy to dwell on death. That journey is yet to come, and it is then that one should ponder the other. For now, you are surrounded with and a part of, the resplendence of existence. It is a time to rejoice, love, and embrace all that is near and dear to you. It is an effervescent chapter of your life’s celebration in which your potential is infinite. It is a time to burn the brightest you will ever burn, and it is a time to ignite and excite that flame in the heart of lovers and others.

One may revel in baseless loneliness, a selfish act really. For one craves companionship purely for recognition of being. One does not seek the other purely for the other itself, but entirely for the psychical and psychological stimulation the other provides. One intuitively seeks this communion with the same vigour as one pursues physical nourishment. Perhaps it is an unspoken agreement of the human subconscious to selfishly seek companionship and thereby perpetuate an endless cycle of half fulfilled longing, which in turn keeps us moving and chasing something that we only just elementarily grasp in concept.